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Farming is the backbone of our region's economy and history

Farming is the backbone of our region's economy and history - John Deere!

Vernal Pool educational opportunities are available

Vernal Pool exploration activities are available for kids in Northern California

Waterfowl traveling the Pacific Flyway are our frequent guests

Mallards and many other species of waterfowl frequent the Corning, CA property.

Hunting Programs


We our offering hunting opportunities on the newly reconstructed wetlands and uplands on a limited basis for youth, females and wounded warrior hunters. 

The waterfowl and the upland game bird species that frequent the property will be fully guided with local guides donating their time, dogs, decoys and experience.  In the future we will have overnight accommodations with meals provided at no cost.  A lottery will secure your spot as a reservation.

The wetlands will only be hunted 2 days a week to lessen pressure on migrating waterfowl and to ensure a great hunting experience for all.

Our hunting heritage must be passed down from generation to generation and we believe that this opportunity will be an integral part in helping educate people the importance of maintaining the ability to continue hunting while recognizing the importance of wildlife as a whole.