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Farming is the backbone of our region's economy and history

Farming is the backbone of our region's economy and history - John Deere!

Vernal Pool educational opportunities are available

Vernal Pool exploration activities are available for kids in Northern California

Waterfowl traveling the Pacific Flyway are our frequent guests

Mallards and many other species of waterfowl frequent the Corning, CA property.

Lavender Farm

Lavender -- TANAKA Juuyoh (https://secure.flickr.com/photos/tanaka_juuyoh/2760186173/)

Our lavender farm will be planted in 2019–2020 and will consist of 3 acres of “Grosso Lavender” which is a high oil producing lavender with other beneficial properties other than just oil. 

There will also be a few rows of French and English lavender as well adjacent to the Grosso Lavender.

Workshops on distilling essential oils from lavender from our on-site distillery will take you through the process of taking plant material and turning it into a fragrant and medicinal product.

Also there will be workshops on taking the lavender oil and hand crafting soap from other local products.

Workshops using our lavender oil to make soothing bath salts will also be available.

Drying and braiding of our lavender flowers also make for a fun project.

Photo courtesy of TANAKA Juuyoh