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Farming is the backbone of our region's economy and history

Farming is the backbone of our region's economy and history - John Deere!

Vernal Pool educational opportunities are available

Vernal Pool exploration activities are available for kids in Northern California

Waterfowl traveling the Pacific Flyway are our frequent guests

Mallards and many other species of waterfowl frequent the Corning, CA property.

About the Arboretum

Yellow field flowers

Our Arboretum is the third phase of our project which will be planted in the spring of 2014-2015.

The arboretum will consist of only native plants and hedgerows of Tehama County as well as Northern California.

The unique part of our gardens is not only to help make people aware of our native plant species, but also to demonstrate integration of these different plants into landscaping practices that can be implemented in their backyards. You will learn the different varieties as well as the function and benefit of our different natives.

One highlight of our arboretum will be our Native American Garden that will have different trees, fruits, bulbs, tubers, etc, that were used by Native Americans as supplemental food sources.